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Combining Historic and Modern Images

Posted 15 May 2016

I have long thought about combining historic and modern images of San Francisco to make aligned, composite images that showed some parts new and some parts old. I have some great historic images, and new images are easy to get, but it’s been a bigger project that I’ve wanted to take on — and also beyond my Photoshop skills to do well.

So I was excited to see these images from photographer Sean Gallup, who works for Getty Images. (These images belong to Getty, so they are costly to license: $175 to $575 each, depending on size.)

Here’s a few examples; at the end is a link to a gallery with more of them.


Here’s a gallery with more images from this series.

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Donna Schaffer

Cousteau shot videos underwater just off the French coast. The originals then 30 years later. The loss of life was dramatic. I could see a series like the historical buildings, but with the purpose of man’s impact on nature.

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