Books Worth Reading

I’ve read (or listened to) a lot of books. There is such a vast range of books out there, it is hard to choose…. Read more »

Historical Fiction: Engaging History

Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres to read, listen to, or watch. I am drawn to history to understand how the world… Read more »

A Day on San Francisco Bay in 4 Minutes

Here’s a wonderful time-lapse movie of San Francisco Bay, shot from the Inn Above Tide in Sausalito. An entire day in 4 minutes. Click… Read more »

The Wonder of Audiobooks

I have been a fan of audiobooks since you had to buy them on tape, and then on CDs. I used to drive regularly… Read more »

San Francisco’s Wonderful Cat Cafe, KitTea


It was a couple years ago that I first heard about the idea of cat cafes. As a lifelong cat lover, the idea immediately… Read more »

Random mechanical beauty in google maps

It’s amazing what you can find wandering around in Google Maps.

Welcome to Michael’s blog, reborn!

I started this blog a bit over six years ago, when I left Adobe to figure out what was next. In the first few… Read more »

Mose Allison Performs

I’ve been a Mose Allison fan for more than 40 years. He’s now 82 and still playing clubs around the U.S. —this year, he… Read more »

Why are Warranty Disclaimers in ALL CAPS?

This is a trivia item for those with some curiosity about common legal agreements. Why is it nearly universal in legal agreements that there’s… Read more »

The Girl Effect

So much animation on the web is gratuitous, underwhelming, and just plain unconvincing in terms of telling a story. Here’s a piece of very… Read more »

BoatingSF’s 15 minutes of fame

I wrote my previous post, Tracking the Cosco Busan, just after I published the animation of the ship’s track as it hit the Bay… Read more »

Tracking the Cosco Busan

As you probably know, on Wednesday morning a 908-foot cargo ship, the Cosco Busan, ran into one of the San Francisco Bay Bridge towers,… Read more »

The Queen Mary 2 in San Francisco

If you think of this as a computing blog, which it mostly is, this will seem like a wildly off-topic post. But those of… Read more »

The craigslist Anomaly

craigslist is a fascinating anomaly in the world of large-scale web sites. Take a look at these numbers, as published by Craigslist with October… Read more »

Amusing “First Meanings” on Google

Many English words have taken on new meanings in the digital world, often as product names. Since Google bases its search rank not on… Read more »

Inspirations: Getting Real

A little more than a year ago, I heard Jason Fried’s “Getting Real” talk at the second Web 2.0 conference. For me, it was… Read more »

The Spreading Spam Scourge

If you thought email spam was bad enough, you should try running a web site with a user forum and a mailing list.

Organizing this Schizophrenic Blog

Those of you who may have started reading my blog for its relatively non-technical articles may have been mildly horrified, or at least repulsed,… Read more »

Confused about spam

There’s a couple things I just don’t understand about the massive proliferation of spam. First, who responds to these messages? I assume someone must,… Read more »