Over the course of my 60 years, I have evolved a set of beliefs that guide my life.

These ideas have been rolling around in my head for many years, and their topics have been the subject of many a conversation among family and friends. I have long wanted to get these thoughts down in written form, and now I have started.

I have done a lot of writing, from 12 years of the Microprocessor Report newsletter to a monthly columns in a half a dozen magazines, not to mention six books. But it was always connected, directly or indirectly, to business interests.

Now I have the luxury of writing what I want, and a sense of urgency about doing it.

Below is a list of these essays. It is very short now, but it will be growing!

What I Believe

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Faith and Religion

Faith is one of those overloaded words that is used to mean several different things. Here is a typical multipart definition: Complete trust or… Read more »