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Gregory’s Triumphant Magic Act

Posted 17 April 2016

My son Gregory has been passionate about magic for 20 years — and he is only 25!

He has been working on his time-keeping magic act for about four years. Last night’s show was the debut of a major new illusion that he’s worked on for years — look for it at the end of the video.

Gregory’s performance on the evening of April 16, 2016, in Santa Rosa. (Unfortunately, the video camera didn’t do very well in the low light, so the detail is poor.)


Gregory has been in the annual comedy magic show that Ken Garr produces for about six years. This year was the 18th annual show.

The idea for the grandfather clock illusion came to Greg four years ago. He made sketches, and we brainstormed ideas. Last fall, I helped him prototype the key pieces — and we reached the limit of my woodworking skills.

Gregory hired a professional woodworker to create the complete clock, while he devised the rest of the illusion.

In the years while the big clock was gestating, Greg kept adding more and more watches to his act. It is a truly original act, with years of incremental improvements behind it. His vision and persistence have been outstanding!

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Truly amazing. I’ve seen a fair number of magician acts. This is great! When’s he going on Colbert?

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