Parting Thoughts

Moving into Town!

Posted 18 July 2011

After more than 20 years on our beautiful country property, we have decided to take the plunge and move into town!

We’ve enjoyed the property immensely, having raised two kids and built three businesses here. But it’s now much more space than we need, and the wonderful grounds are demanding.

Now that my office is in downtown Sebastopol, and Amanda is at Analy High School, it’s come to seem very enticing to move to a smaller house in town. I know we’re going to miss our gardens and woods and total privacy, but after more than 20 years we’re ready for a new adventure.

We’ve been cleaning up, packing away non-essentials, and fixing all those nagging little things you never get to, for the past 6 months, and the house and gardens are in their best shape ever. It makes it that much harder to leave!

We hope to be settled in a new house in Sebastopol in the fall. Just in case you know of anyone who is thinking of selling, we’re looking for a 3-bedroom house, within walking distance of downtown Sebastopol, in a reasonably quiet location.