Parting Thoughts

Webvanta Update

Posted 24 October 2009

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, so I thought I’d at least give a brief update.

On September 8 we officially launched Webvanta, and that’s kept me swamped. It’s going great, with about 35 sites up now, about a dozen more that we’re involved in building, and a steady stream of designers signing up. There’s hundreds of user accounts and dozens of sites being built by folks we don’t even know—it’s a great feeling to see it taking off.

The level of activity has noticeably picked up in the last few weeks, and the custom development side of our business now has about a 6-week backlog.

We’ve launched our first ecommerce site, and we’ll have another one launching within a week or two. We’re near completion of a large site for a local non-profit that is converting over from Drupal. This project has driven us to polish up a lot of loose ends with our information portal features, so many customers will benefit.

We also recently announced the Webvanta Design Contest—we’re giving away a MacBook Pro for the most innovative site built with Webvanta, plus three iPod Touches for the runners up. Please help us spread the word!