Parting Thoughts

A New Direction

Posted 27 January 2016

This blog has been live, in one form or another, for a decade.

This year, I’ve done a full reset, keeping most of the old content as an archive, and starting fresh with a new concept for the website I want to build.

The rethinking was driven by a major change in my life.

Last fall, I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, and dealing with that has been my focus since.

Treatments are been going well, though not, of course, without ups and downs. I’ve been writing about the personal details on my private blog.

Because of my illness, I have dramatically cut back on my work hours. With lots of time on my hands but relatively little energy for physical activity, I am now focused on writing. Getting sick does have a silver lining, odd as that may seem.

I have a lot of things I want to say that have been running around in my head for many years. You’ll start seeing them here shortly.